We are Dedicated to Your Hearing

June 1, 2016

Dear Patients,

The time has come for me to retire.  I have worked in the fields of audiology and hearing aids for almost 40 years.  As much as I have enjoyed meeting and working with everyone over all these years, June 15th will be my last day of testing.  Kathy Walter, Dispenser, will continue as usual through June 30th.

Beginning July 12th, Kathy will again provide hearing aid care such as reprogramming, troubleshooting problems and making minor repairs throughout the summer with a walk-in clinic on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 10 am to 3 pm. We will be downsizing the office, so please use the side door close to the main entrance (signs will be up).  The backdoor will no longer be open.  Our phone number, 723-6600, will still be active.

You can also visit my Helena office, Last Chance Audiology, Inc, for troubleshooting help.  Call 406-443-3330 or visit at 1325 Euclid Avenue.  You will find Cindy and Sadie to be of excellent assistance.  Other places to find audiologists who can provide hearing and hearing aid assistance include:

  • Susan Kalarchik, AuD at BC Hearing in Butte, 331 Monroe Ave, ph. 494-3995
  • Hillary Carter, AuD in Helena at Comprehensive Hearing Services, 2626 Wynne Ave, ph. 406-443-6367
  • Helen Hallenbeck, AuD at Vibrant Hearing in Missoula, 601 S. Orange, ph. 406-552-0412
  • Will Helton, AuD in Bozeman at Helton Hearing Care, 1008 N 7th Ave, ph. 406-586-6667
  • Nathan Putman, MS at Treasure State Hearing in Bozeman, 1165 N. 14th Ave, Suite 1, ph. 406-551-2244

Please contact us by the end of June if you want copies of your records, and we will mail them to you.  Veterans can visit the Records Department at Fort Harrison for their records as we are not allowed to give out copies of their records. 

We will be holding a small reception from 3 to 6 pm on June 22nd – please join us if you can.  I thank you all for a very interesting career, and hope you are hearing well.  Get in touch with us right away if for some reason you aren’t!

Best wishes,
Pat Ingalls, AuD